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    Waterproof Headphones
Blue Waterproof iPod Shuffle Waterproof Earbuds

    Highest rated waterproof iPod Shuffle on the market backed by a 90-Day WARRANTY and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our innovative waterproofing process produces the most durable waterproof mp3 player made, depth rated to over 250 ft, and impervious to salt water or pool chlorine.

    The only TRUE SHORT CORD WATERPROOF HEADPHONES on the market. No excess dangling cord to tangle or drag in the water. Larger speakers for better sound quality and includes six soft rubber ear piece options to guarantee the perfect fit. The Headphones even include an extension cable if you would like to use them as standard length headphones.

    The Waterproof iPod bundle includes a FREE swim cap and mesh swim bag for your iPod, headphones, and even room for your goggles.

    The newest generation iPod Shuffles made by Apple and professionally waterproofed by AudioFlood feature a built in clip to easily attach the iPod to goggle strap, shirt collar, or anywhere else you would like. With 15 hours of battery life and enough storage for over 500 songs (2GB) you can be assured of hours of underwater listening enjoyment. The VoiceOver button will also tell you song title, playlist name, or even the battery status.

    Free US Shipping (US orders typically arrive in 2-3 days)

Waterproof iPod Shuffles

Feature Tour

  • Ridged to Stay In &
    Seal Water Out
      This is the only style of earpiece that actually seals out water and stays in while swimming. Since everyone's ears are different, we include three sizes so you can match the earpiece to your ear for the perfect fit.
  • 10mm Waterproof
      8mm and 9mm speakers often sound tinny. They are just too small to produce the depth of sound produced by the slightly larger 10mm speakers
  • Perfect Fit
      One size fits all. The coils keep the cord snug against the back of your head while allowing it to stretch when you turn your head to breath eliminating that annoying tug on the earphones
  • Standard Earpieces
    (Also Included)
      Although these earpieces don't work well for swimming, we include them for running and everyday use.
  • Extension Cord
      Go from short cord to standard length
  • True Short Cord
      No excess cord dragging in the water to tangle your swim
  • Running mp3 player
    Sweatproof. Since the iPod is mounted to your hat or shirt collar rather than an armband, there isn't any annoying tug on the cable as you swing your arms while you run.
  • Swimming MP3 Player
    Completely Waterproof. Cables are kept snug against your head keeping them from dragging in the water and tangeling up your swim.
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Our revolutionary waterproofing process produces the most durable and highest rated waterproof mp3 player on the market.

Single Layer Continuous Corrosion Protection

Single Layer Waterproofing

Our proprietary waterproofing process fills the entire inside of the Shuffle with a continuous layer of soft yet highly corrosion resistant sealant. Unlike multi layer waterproofing, this ensures that the sealant protects against corrosion all the way from the outer housing to the internal electronics.

In contrast, competing dual layer processes attempt to protect the underlying sealant layer from corrosion by coating it with a second corrosion resistant layer.

The difference in waterproofing methods is similar to the difference between plain carbon steel that has been painted to protect it compared to stainless steel which is corrosion resistant throughout. With our process, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is completely protected all the way to the internal electronics.

Never Baked

Unlike competing waterproofing processes, our waterproof iPod Shuffles are never exposed to temperatures beyond room temperature. Other processes coat the internal electronics with layers of sealant and then dry the sealant by baking the Shuffles in an oven each time a new layer is applied. As documented on Apple’s website, baking the Shuffles can damage the batteries and significantly reduce their expected life. (apple.com/batteries/ipods.html)

Although more time consuming, Shuffles waterproofed through our process are never baked and the Shuffle cases are never opened to apply the sealant. The end result is Shuffle that is corrosion resistant, waterproof, and impact resistant from the outer housing all the way to the internal electronics.

Ironman Finish

I remember the day that my best friend showed up to the pool with a waterproof iPod he had purchased from another company. I'll admit I was insanely jealous. As a whitewater enthusiast, avid swimmer, and Ironman triathlete I knew I had to have one. But at $250 the price seemed excessive, and it also had ridiculous limitations, such as a disabled on/off switch, and not being able to plug in the headphones while underwater.

Having a masters' degree in manufacturing engineering I was positive that I could come up with something much better. After months of engineering and product testing persistence paid off in a waterproof iPod far superior to any other mp3 players on the market. Not only do all of the buttons work, but our iPods are far more waterproof! Testing has shown that AudioFlood iPods remain waterproof at depths of over 250 feet, which is eight times deeper than the advertised depth rating on my friend's iPod.

It was while testing various prototypes at the pool that I made the decision to start AudioFlood. It seemed that I couldn't go to the pool without someone seeing my waterproof iPod and asking me where they could buy one like it. The response since from our customers has been gratifying to say the least.

We are proud to offer the highest quality and most reasonably priced waterproof iPod on the market. If you are currently one of our customers, we appreciate your business and if you are not yet one of our customers, we look forward to welcoming you into our rapidly growing group of customers and friends.

David Johnson,
MBA, MS Manufacturing Engineering
Former Whitewater Guide, 13 time Ironman Finisher
CEO AudioFlood

AudioFlood Waterproof iPod Shuffles are covered by a 90-Day WARRANTY against manufacturing defects.

If for any reason you decide that being the most coveted person at your pool just isn’t your style, simply return your purchase within 30 days for a complete refund.
Do you use dual layers of sealant in your waterproofing process?

No. The only reason that you would ever use a second layer is if the underlying layer isn't corrosion resistant, and it was necessary to use a coating of another material to try to protect it. Since the sealant that we use is waterproof, shockproof, and highly corrosion resistant it is unnecessary to coat the sealant with another material to try to protect it. It's like the difference between using stainless steel vs. plain carbon steel that has been painted. Anyone who has seen a rusted out wheelbarrow can tell you how well painted plain carbon steel holds up over time against corrosion.

How does your product compare to waterproof cases for mp3 players that I have seen sold on other sites?

Well, have you ever had a Ziploc bag leak chicken juice all over your salad in the fridge? I personally wouldn't trust one, but if you're a risk taker and like living on the edge they might just be the perfect product for you. In contrast, our products are completely waterproofed from the inside. Every internal component is waterproofed and protected. There aren't any bulky cases or seals that you have to worry about failing. It looks and functions exactly like a standard iPod with the added benefit of being waterproof.

Do all of the buttons and functions work on your iPods?

Absolutely. Unlike waterproof mp3 players available elsewhere, our proprietary waterproofing process allows us to completely waterproof our iPods without disabling the on/off switch, the voice over button, or any of the other buttons. They function just like any other iPod Shuffle with the advantage of being entirely waterproof. Because of the superior reliability of our waterproofing process, we don't have any silly restrictions about plugging in the headphones or using the on/off switch while underwater.

Is the iPod covered by a warranty?

The waterproofing in our Shuffles is guaranteed for 90 days.

How deep underwater can I take one of your iPods without damaging it?

We have personally tested our waterproof iPods to depths over 250 ft. Competing products are typically only rated from 10 to 25 ft.

Can I use your iPod for scuba diving?

NO. While our iPods have no problem with the pressure and remain waterproof at scuba diving depths. Your ears are another story. Having earplugs in your ears while scuba diving could potentially damage your ears. It's similar to how holding your breath while scuba diving is bad for your lungs. Other water activities however are completely recommended. Feel free to snorkel with it, go surfing, white water rafting, or even running on a day that you might get caught in the rain.

What should I do about all the people that keep asking me about my iPod at the pool? I'm not getting any swimming done!

Unfortunately, that's going to happen. About the only thing you can do is tell them to go get one for themselves at AudioFlood.com.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Any orders we receive before 3:00 pm (mountain time) will ship that day. Orders after 3:00 pm will ship out the following day. Standard free shipping typically takes one to three days depending on your distance from Utah. We also offer priority shipping, and if you really need your iPod in a rush you can select overnight shipping for an additional fee.

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Attaching Waterproof AudioFlood Shuffle and Headphones to Swim Goggles

Waterproof iPod Shuffle by AudioFlood